A Beginners Guide to Manage The Office Space

A Beginners Guide to Manage The Office Space

Seeing the large number of options available in the market today, deciding on the office space in Delhi is one of the most complex decisions for anyone to take. While starting a new venture or shifting your virtual office to a physical one, facing challenges is common. You should be well-aware of the office space requirement for your venture, before initiating the search for the same.

Estimate It Correctly

Having a a space which is too spacious or small, doesn’t serve the purpose. You should sketch the office space requirement considering the location and nature of business in mind. The clear estimations will help you, passing the closest requirement details to the commercial real estate agent.

•  Understand the nature of business, if required, look for more than one office space

•  Estimate the employee count with a near future expansion plan

•  Write down the office requirement and share the same with the agents

Think About Day-to-Day Requirements

When you look out for spaces, do check the hidden costs before renting a serviced office in New Delhi. Think ahead; how much space will you require in a meeting room? Which type of meeting room will suit your meetings? This will help you to cover the small but important things in your planning.

Look Beyond Desk Count

To set up and run a business, you don’t require only workforce. You should also be thinking about the client visits and other important events that are required for the workforce management. You should share your requirement for areas like reception, refreshment area, mail room facility and other such sections with the agents in advance.

Talk in Numbers

Be ready with the numbers that helps agents to understand your requirements clearly. Calculate your office space requirement in terms like “square feet,” this will help you bargaining with the agents well and understand the current market price cost in the market. This relative measurement of office space requirement makes the search less messy.

Employees Requiring Offices (Approx.):

•  Managers (150 sq. ft.)

•  Vice Presidents (200 sq. ft.)

•  President (400 sq. ft.)

Other Office Area Requirements (Approx.):

•  Reception Area (100 sq. ft. + 10 sq. ft. Per person waiting)

•  Storage Room or Library (200 sq. ft.)

•  Lunch/Break Room (75 sq. ft. + 25 sq. ft. Per person seated)

•  Conference Room (50 sq. ft. + 25 sq. ft. Per person seated)

•  Mail Room (125 sq. ft.) or File Room (200 sq. ft.)

•  Work Room (125 sq. ft.)

•  Other Specialty Areas (size varies depending upon usage)

Future Growth

It is important not to forget that you will be signing a lease which will not allow you to look for other office space in New Delhi in the near future. Therefore, it is wise to add 10% to 20% of the total square footage based on your calculation to accommodate the future expansion of the company.

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