Usage of coworking space has grown in the past couple of years. As with each new innovative idea many misconceptions can arise due to lack of knowledge or data on the subject. Coworking is a novel new arrangement whereby members of different companies all work together in a shared space.Let us debunk a few myths related to coworking space:1. Coworking space is like working at home or a coffee shop:Coworking spaces differ from home or coffee shops as they provide a professional environment to work from. If you work from home you are constantly dealing with disruptions from family members and kids, which makes it dif... Read More

If you’re a business owner, especially in a metropolitan city like Delhi, you’ve to be a bit more cautious when you’re looking for office space. You have probably heard about what benefits does coworking provides to your business. Growth-supportive cost, flexible environment, state-of-the-facilities, networking opportunities- what else would you expect...But it doesn’t mean that you’ll just blindfold choose any rent office space in Delhi just for the sake to fulfil the purpose of office space.There are several other aspects to consider when you’re looking for coworking space in Delhi. Let’s discuss them in detail.  Read More

In the last few years, we have seen a considerable rise in searches with a suffix ‘near me.’ The fact that Google is advertising near me search is a clear indication that consumers now favor to look for products and services in their neighborhood. Data from Google shows that these searches have gone up by two times since 2015.The two most popular search engines i.e., google, and Bing, now shows results from map searches in the search results. These results are picked up based on the user’s current location and the map listings near that geographic location.This trend has also been popular for Coworking spaces where users prefer to search ‘... Read More

When it comes to choosing the right office space in the right location, most business owners tend to face difficulties and often end up choosing one that may cost a fortune. No matter whether it’s a startup or an established business, choosing coworking space near Golf Course Road, Gurgaon would certainly make your investment a lucrative one. As you already know, coworking has significantly gained a foothold on the market due to viable benefits like cost-effective, in-house state-of-the-art facilities, networking opportunities, flexibility; just name a few. However, it doesn’t mean that you may now blindfold choose a shar... Read More

Whether you’re a startup looking for an office space or an established business looking to gain a foothold, there’s nothing better than fully furnished coworking space in South Delhi. South Delhi is one of the affluent regions in the capital city, home to many corporate giants and MNCs, restaurants, bars, pubs, notable malls, shopping outlets, countless food joints, banks, ATMs, etc. Now the question is what would be the right location to consider for your office space?If you want to significantly grow your business in a business-centric location and make your investment a lucrative one, then choose none other coworking space in Nehru Place, New Delhi. Popularly known as Asia’s biggest computer market, the location houses num... Read More

Are you looking to choose an ideal office space in the business-centric location? Do you want your business to gain a foothold in the corporate world? If your answer is affirmative, choose none other than a serviced office in Ghitorni, New Delhi.Serviced or flexible offices have been gaining traction over the past few years due to viable benefit they offer- flexibility, growth-supportive cost, professional environment, advanced IT support, in-house facilities, etc. Most importantly, there’s no lock-in agreement so you can move and get out even after a month without being bogged down in years of the contract.Coming to the location, off... Read More

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate, you would know how organisations are buzzing to the tune of coworking space. Popularly known as shared offices, coworking means working alongside goal-oriented professionals in a shared environment under the same roof. With state-of-the-art facilities, growth-supportive cost, and immense networking opportunities, businesses are flocking to choose shared spaces, especially in a metropolitan city like Delhi.Choosing a coworking space in Delhi may let you reap countless benefits like prestigious business location, plentiful nearby amenities, and seamless connectivity, too.But how would you ensure that you’re making the right investment? In this post, we’ll d... Read More

Mumbai, the city of dreams, has become a breeding ground for businesses- thanks to the unprecedented growth of freelancers, solopreneurs, and startups. And this has immensely contributed to the growth of shared offices or coworking space in BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex), Mumbai.Since the advent of shared spaces, among several regions, Bandra Kurla Complex (East) has become a prominent commercial hub, housing multiple corporate giants and multinationals. With a picturesque setting, great infrastructure, sky-high building, shopping complexes, businesses are rapidly flocking to coworking spaces in BKC East, Mumbai for a... Read More

If you’re a startup in a prominent IT hub, Bangalore, you may find yourself quite fortunate as the location is flooded with multiple business-centric locations. But things get tangled a bit when it comes to choosing the right location for your office space in Bangalore.Without proper knowledge about the current office space trends, businesses tend to run into problems and end up breaking their bank account. To overcome this convolution, look no further than coworking space in Koramangala, Bangalore.With the adve... Read More

If you’re a Bangaloeran and desperately want to grow your small venture into a corporate giant or an MNC, choose none other better than coworking space in Bangalore, also called Bengaluru. With prestigious locations, seamless connectivity via road and metro, notable corporate giants like Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, Infosys, IBM, TCS, etc, choosing office space in Bangalore will significantly boost your business growth regardless of the nature of your organisation.But as a matter of fact, choosing a workspace is potentially daunting. A lot of businesses underestimate the importance of choosing the right office space and ultimately end up fac... Read More

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