When we compare the advantages of short-term offices, it is vital to look forward to your business. Some companies prefer to take long term lease only, and some companies like start-ups and freelancers prefer to make short term tenures. Those companies who don't want to be bound by any long-term contract can choose short-term office spaces. The best advantage of a short-term office space is flexibility for tenure and requirement of your seats. Business centers and coworking spaces provide flexible office spaces where you will get easily accessible office space, which is a fully furnished and equipped. These offices will have all the amenities like internet, professional reception team, IT support, p... Read More

 Gurgaon  has become a popular destination for business professionals due to growth of financial, commercial and entertainment establishments. This city has fostered so many early-stage startups and small businesses which have turned into successful businesses offering employment opportunities. A lot of young professionals prefer to work in a coworking space due to various reasons. Coworking spaces in Gurgaon offers an employee-friendly environment, increase work efficiency & productivity. Below is the list of some coworking spaces in Gurgaon which you can consider for your future office space.  Read More

South Delhi is one of the elite and posh localities of Delhi surrounded by other districts that include Faridabad and Gurgaon. The urbanization of South Delhi has led to the development of exquisite and high-end showrooms, restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, and elite hotels dotted around this district. And subsequently, led to the emergence of corporates and MNCs in the vicinity.   The location, especially Saket, has now been recognized as the breeding hub for businesses of all kinds- thanks to the budding freelancers and startup community and shared office or coworking, not to forget.   With the rise in the numbers of freelancers, the demand for shared offices has significantly increased, now enabling established businesses, corpor... Read More

Bengaluru's Indiranagar is an ideal place for startups, freelancers and SMEs to setup their base of operations and prefer working from a Coworking Space in Indiranagar. For those who are looking to setup their office in this much-sought after locality, here is a list of top 10 Coworking Spaces in Indiranagar, Bengaluru to choose from. 91 Springboard, Indiranagar, Bengaluru  Read More

Coworking spaces or shared office spaces are growing momentum across the country. Coworking spaces make it extremely easy for business people today to get an office space. Back in 2008, the process was insanely difficult for people looking for office space. There were two options- either lease or sublease. The leases lasted long. Usually, they tried to lock me into a multi-year lease. Plus, there were extra expenses, such as furniture, Internet access, and cleaning. But today, coworking spaces are saviours. People can book these spaces as per their budget, time-space with best-in-class amenities. Already developed in Tier 1 cities, coworking spaces are gripping in tier 2 cities as well. Here we mention the Read More

Historically, this concept of hospitality is from ages back; it is about receiving the guest in the spirit of goodwill. It implies respect, warmth, and even protection - it builds. It also refers to the relationship between the host and client/customer. Today, it also refers to a segment of the service industry, that includes hotels, sports, events, coworking spaces, and other tourism-related sectors. The hospitality industry is not only essential to societies but also clients, economies, and employees. Clients/customers with a positive experience will reap the benefits of a higher customer retention rate, and it also encourages positive customer feedback.   To explain how hospitality matters below are few points: -   Read More

Business organizations regularly use meetings for a variety of purposes. The participants gather in a meeting room to exchange information, discuss issues, solve problems and arrive at decisions. Depending on the use, the meetings can be short or long. For sessions of short duration, it is easy to keep the team members engaged as each will provide their inputs in a condensed and precise way. The whole process from exchanging ideas to concluding is dealt with quickly. But what to do about long meetings such as annual conferences? How to keep the attendee engaged for such a long time.  Agenda: It is vital to have a list prepared. By following the points through, you prevent participants from going off course and ensure that the main points and purpose of the... Read More

Making friends in a coworking space will help to develop your skills. Here are a few ways to make new friends:   1. Maintain a happy and smiley face: It is imperative to maintain a smiley face to create your first impression of other employees who are working in a coworking space. If you are carrying a happy and smiley face, it will allow other people to communicate without any hesitation. 2. Introduce Yourself: Again, introducing yourself is especially important as soon as you meet somebody so introduce yourself by telling them your name and your designation so that employees can recognize you and call you by your name. 3. You should be a good liste... Read More

Traditional offices were the places where the employees of the company work together as a team at the place assigned to them as their office where only the people associated with their company were allowed to work and no other company were allowed to work there. Coming to the modern age of working, in today’s age, everybody wants to be their own boss. Keeping this fact in mind, people are increasingly working in coworking spaces. Coworking is an arrangement in which several workers from different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience using common infrastructure, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services. Most of the corporates te... Read More

Startups are in the right place to choose from: Virtual office, or a traditional office or somewhere between? There are several benefits of having a 100 per cent virtual office, and from a conventional brick and mortar lifestyle, there is no "re-adjustment" for a startup. You can start virtual and remain that way if you choose — even when you've grown to medium or large status.   A virtual office in Delhi would free up your budget so you can attend more business conferences, but it's also a perfect way to go green and attract the most in-demand candidates. There's a reason why so many small companies, startups, and even large businesses embrace Delhi's virtual office.  &n... Read More

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