We spend a major time at our workplace. Sometimes, our working hours even exceed the time we give to our family or friends. So, it is wise to make your office desk a comfy place. Whether you are in a coworking space or a serviced office in Delhi or any city, consider keeping these top five essentials on your office desk. 1. To-do list: It’s important for you to start your day by making a short list of pending tasks that will move you forward. This will help you focus on important tasks which are on priority. Make sure you avoid getting distracted. 2. Water Bottle... Read More

Is your tight work schedule taking a toll on your body? Do you feel dizzy in the office? Do you wish you got some extra time napping on your bed?If your answer is yes to these questions, then you would be happy to know that there are some simple steps to stay healthy at workplaces. Don’t worry about missing exercises, just include these healthy habits in your schedule. A few healthy practices can keep you in good shape.Basic tips would include, try your best to have a balanced diet and have lots of water. These are important, not only at workplace but otherwise too. In case, you are conscious about the extra weight you are gaining, switch to healthier snacks instead of any junk food, which only adds to your calorie intake. Avoid lifts and start using... Read More

When it comes to hiring the best employee, an organization indeed invest a lot of time and effort, which certainly pays off when that talent performs well. Retaining top performers is important to the success of your organization.Most employers agree that keeping good employees ensures increased sales, customer satisfaction, happy coworkers, etc. When you are in a coworking space in Gurgaon or anywhere, having good workers help create positive vibes all around. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 5 strategies to keep top talents at work. 1.  Let them Know their Value: Don’t make them feel isolated. Make sure you... Read More

To run a successful venture, you need to establish good business relations. Every business involves a number of stakeholders, including the owner, partners, shareholders, employees and of course your clients. Be it a traditional office or a business centre, all of them combined play a key role in your company’s success.If you own a company, then you should realise that business networking is important. Once you make them, maintaining those relations is equally important. Business relationship management is an essential office skill. Try these 4 techniques to have strong business relations.Keep it face-to-faceYou cannot rely on e-mails, chat messa... Read More

If you are a sales person at a business centre, you would have already listed some types of callers you usually attend. With a curiosity to know more about it, we interviewed sales executives from different Coworking space in Delhi/NCR.Here are the 8 types of callers that we found common in all the interviews. 1. The Question MarksThey ask questions but don’t wait for the answers. They are ready with their next question even before their first one is answered.2. The StorytellersThey don’t have questions, instead they have stories to tell. They want to share their experiences... Read More

You spend most of your day in your office with your colleagues. Work becomes fun with the good ones, whereas some make office a nightmare.Just like the world outside, an office is a mix of different people with different characteristics. However, there are certain types of people, you are most likely to meet in an office.1. The Always buzz-y OneThe “always – buzzy” ones are too busy in gossiping around. They think it’s their prime job to “spread the word” around.2. The Boss’ All-Time FavouriteThey are like the teacher’s pet you used to have in school. They are always seeking a chance to impress the boss and flatten him with praises.3. The... Read More

How many times have you delayed a project due to lack of information, or misunderstandings among co-workers. Communication in office is important, but effective communication is crucial. Until the expectations are not conveyed clearly, an adequate execution is not possible. Be it within the organization or with clients and other external links, communication goes in vein if it is not effective.Effective communication cannot be defined universally as everyone has different opinions. Some expect to be informed about everything that is going on in the company, whereas some want to know only about the department they deal with.When everybody has different criteria for effective communication, the first step is to know what exactly to communicate, keeping... Read More

How important is it for you to spare some time in a busy day? Most of the times, you forget about your mood as you are left with no time, even after working a full day. But it is important to keep a check on your well-being along with working hard, and happiness is the best way to stay healthy. If you feel happier, your work becomes fun and you end up being more productive. The truth is, “Healthy Office Environment Means Happy Employees.”Are you wondering how can office life and happiness go hand in hand? Here are some expert tips to make work fun and your routine a bit more cheerful.Think Positive!Work becomes fun, provided we try our best for it. To have your day full of positivity and energy, you need to start thinking positive.... Read More

Why do you go to the office? Obviously, work is one reason, but what makes you willing to go to the office. Isn’t office chats one of the reasons? Office chats are an integral part of the office lifestyle. Be it gossips during the coffee breaks, or chats on messengers while working, office conversations are fun and important. They are important to improve peer relation at workplace.We at HuntOffices, decided to find out the most common topics of office chats, and did a survey on it. We were happy to know that workplace chats are not limited to sales figures and achieved targets. People have other peppy topics to talk on and make workplace fun for themselves. Here are our findings, check out which ones you re... Read More

Unfortunately, ill-bred and bad-mannered co-workers exist at virtually every workplace and communicating with them can put a major impact on your mood. As you deal with this problem especially when you work in a business center, it's important to not let their behavior hurt you. Industrial psychologists suggest even though it affects your day, never let it come between your work and productivity.Are you one of them who is not sure how to react with such ill-mannered behavior? Then apply the below-mentioned tips to get in a better position to deal with it. Don’t let it affect you personally: The employees who are regularly condescending to their coworkers with harsh comments may be overcompensating for their confidence and a senti... Read More

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