Virtual office in Delhi Why anyone need a virtual office? What services includes in the virtual office? Is this a necessity of any nature of business? These are the question often comes in anyone mind before looking for virtual office.  Read More

Office Space in Mumbai  With the ongoing crisis of COVID-19, it is highly unlikely that things will get back to normal anytime soon. This crisis has affected all parts of our lives, including our work culture. The corporate or the office culture we know now is going to change drastically. Marine LinesSanta cruz EastBKC Read More

Office Space in Central Delhi   For every business, it's essential to choose an office space that may foster growth and expansion. But as a matter of fact, companies often end up picking office space in central Delhi that cost them a fortune in the long run.  From the incredible flexibility to the convenient all-inclusive features, serviced or flexible offices can cultivate success, especially when you have an office space in a central business district, Read More

Swing Space in Delhi & GurgaonYou know about swing space. Don't you?   Providing a workplace solution for all kind of companies, swing space also helps them in growth opportunities. Swing space can also be a safe alternative option while your office building is being renovated or constructed.  Swing Space in GurgaonNational Highway 8 Read More

Office Space in Delhi  The smallest highlights of your workspace, such as your screen's situation or the stature of your seat, can enormously influence your efficiency and well-being. It is essential to know what everyday science says about the ideal approach to set up your office for ergonomics and profitability. Your office space in Delhi should not wear you down each day. That is the thing that uncomfortable seats, chaotic work areas, and low lighting do–even though you probably won't notice them for a long time. With a couple of changes, nonetheless, you can improve your office space in Delhi and s... Read More

We spend a major time at our workplace. Sometimes, our working hours even exceed the time we give to our family or friends. So, it is wise to make your office desk a comfy place. Whether you are in a coworking space or a serviced office in Delhi or any city, consider keeping these top five essentials on your office desk. 1. To-do list: It’s important for you to start your day by making a short list of pending tasks that will move you forward. This will help you focus on important tasks which are on priority. Make sure you avoid getting distracted. 2. Water Bottle... Read More

Is your tight work schedule taking a toll on your body? Do you feel dizzy in the office? Do you wish you got some extra time napping on your bed?If your answer is yes to these questions, then you would be happy to know that there are some simple steps to stay healthy at workplaces. Don’t worry about missing exercises, just include these healthy habits in your schedule. A few healthy practices can keep you in good shape.Basic tips would include, try your best to have a balanced diet and have lots of water. These are important, not only at workplace but otherwise too. In case, you are conscious about the extra weight you are gaining, switch to healthier snacks instead of any junk food, which only adds to your calorie intake. Avoid lifts and start using... Read More

When it comes to hiring the best employee, an organization indeed invest a lot of time and effort, which certainly pays off when that talent performs well. Retaining top performers is important to the success of your organization.Most employers agree that keeping good employees ensures increased sales, customer satisfaction, happy coworkers, etc. When you are in a coworking space in Gurgaon or anywhere, having good workers help create positive vibes all around. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 5 strategies to keep top talents at work. 1.  Let them Know their Value: Don’t make them feel isolated. Make sure you... Read More

To run a successful venture, you need to establish good business relations. Every business involves a number of stakeholders, including the owner, partners, shareholders, employees and of course your clients. Be it a traditional office or a business centre, all of them combined play a key role in your company’s success.If you own a company, then you should realise that business networking is important. Once you make them, maintaining those relations is equally important. Business relationship management is an essential office skill. Try these 4 techniques to have strong business relations.Keep it face-to-faceYou cannot rely on e-mails, chat messa... Read More

If you are a sales person at a business centre, you would have already listed some types of callers you usually attend. With a curiosity to know more about it, we interviewed sales executives from different Coworking space in Delhi/NCR.Here are the 8 types of callers that we found common in all the interviews. 1. The Question MarksThey ask questions but don’t wait for the answers. They are ready with their next question even before their first one is answered.2. The StorytellersThey don’t have questions, instead they have stories to tell. They want to share their experiences... Read More

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