Seeing the large number of options available in the market today, deciding on the office space in Delhi is one of the most complex decisions for anyone to take. While starting a new venture or shifting your virtual office to a physical one, facing challenges is common. You should be well-aware of the office space requirement for your venture, before initiating the search for the same.Estimate It CorrectlyHaving a a space which is too spacious or small, doesn’t serve the purpose. You should sketch the office space requirement considering the location and nature of business in mind. The clear estimations will help you, passing the closest r... Read More

The unfixed market dynamics has created a trend where companies are giving preference to renting co-working office space in Delhi and other metro cities. It is also a belief that shared business space is a long run model, which is enabling companies to make the best use of the infrastructure. It helps companies to run multiple units of business in a constructive as well unrestrictive model. Here are some of the real reasons that make co-working offices popular in the market.Consistent IncomeAn office space on a rent allow... Read More

We all would agree that verbal communications are anytime better than those in written form. Communication becomes clearer if the visual element is added. Video conferencing allow conversations, which are almost like live conversations. The technology has become the latest trend in telecommunications.Video conferencing is taking over because of its many advantages, especially in the corporate world. More and more companies, big or small are adopting the method to carry sound communications within their respective business networks. Here are few ways in which video conferencing may help your business.It saves the cost of travellingWith the economy being globalised, travelling becomes mandatory to grab new business opportunities. You... Read More

Virtual offices have changed the way we see business. This concept is most popular among small and growing businesses. Businesses enjoy the benefits of a prestigious business address of the virtual office and save on various overhead charges. In addition, they get virtual office services like secretarial and business support services. Along with all the benefits, office staff can continue to work remotely. While working from a virtual office, you need the following tools in order to increase your work productivity and efficiency.Get Google!Who does not know Google apps! No, we are not ta... Read More

In today’s market, where Business Centres and Shared Business Spaces are spacing out the trend of traditional office set-up, there are cases, where choosing a shared office space is not really a game changing thing for you. When this corporate hub promises to offer you variety of facilities and services, there are many things which are not informed until asked. Once you have discussed the same, ask:Space Setup Cost:When you are giving the space requirements, do not forget to include the facilities that you need while sitting and working at the desk. You need to be aware of how much is your business’ space requirement and at what should be t... Read More

In the race of filling wealth pots, co-working space industry is booming immensely. The small as well as big organizations are coming to demand for more space and this is giving lead to co-working rentals space. The model of shared workspace expands one’s abilities irrespective of the fact the organization is based in exposed or unexposed city.Locally, Regus, Avanta, Apeejay and DBS among others are the key contributors who are catering the needs of topnotch companies year-by-year. Referring to the past two-three year’s stats, it is visible that the industry has seen up to a 20% increase in the demand of flexible workspace by companies.Inexpensive Co-working Faciliti... Read More

Virtual offices could be your answer if you are looking for cost-effective alternative to fixed office spaces. You should select your virtual office carefully as it will affect your business growth in many ways. Check for factors like additional virtual office services offered, flexibility in terms of service packages and tenure allowed and don’t forget the importance of location of your virtual office.Some people believe that because it is all virtual, the location does not hold any importance. It is a misconception, which contradicts one of the prime benefits of the virtual offices, i.e., the address. Virtual offices provide a prestigious address to your business and t... Read More

Whether you run a small business, or work as a freelancer, or are a solo entrepreneur, you would be happy to know that sharing a workspace could help you save money for your business.Working from home might be a good option in terms of saving money, but when you actually calculate the cost of making your home office, and equip it with all your professional requirements, you will realise that a home office is not as cheap as it seems to be.In other words, your home office can cost you more than renting a physical office space. It might also hamper your work productivity due to lack of a working environment. Sharing a workspace is a cost-effective alternative and offer additional benefits of a serviced office space.The... Read More

Chances are there that ‘cubicles’ might be an uncommon term for you. The cubicle arrangement in offices has been vanishing in the last fifteen years. Offices with open work spaces are considered better nowadays. However, many arguments are in favour and against both of the options.Open Work SpacesAdvantages 1 . Maximum utilisation of floor space and less furniture makes it a cost effective affair. 2 . A single utilisation of floor space and less furniture makes it a cost effective affair. 3 . Open spaces develop a sense of community among the employees and establishes coordination and pace between the different departments. 4 . Hierarchical barriers between managers and their subordinates... Read More

When was the last time your colleague gave you tips on how to deal with anger at work? Not so long ago, right! It is usual to have such situations at work that make you rage in no time. The reason behind such situations could be any, like, someone took credit of your efforts or bullies you at workplace. These situations are part of routine and you definitely cannot afford to divert your attention and time to these things. Hence, you need to learn few things about anger management in office.Don’t Rush With Your WordsThe immediate and impulsive response that we give to any unwanted situation does more harm than a no response. An immediate response could make the situation worse for you, rather you should maintain your calm and discu... Read More

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