On the same track like Bangalore, Pune is also turning into a hub for startups that are really high in energy. On one hand, we see that Mumbai awaits smart BKC like projects and on another location like Connaught Place in Delhi tops the Office Space Market in India. With such a neck-to-neck competition, Pune is holding its feet straight and beating the blues of the city by offering tons of opportunities for the startups in the form of coworking spaces in Pune. Read More

Pune has been a central market for sectors like banking, insurance, and finance since a long time. The main areas from where these sectors operated were Shivaji Nagar and Deccan Gymkhana areas. But as time progressed, city’s growth paced and reachability to Mumbai improved, the market there expanded which in turn triggered the growth of more operative business locations.Deccan, housing a number of basic office premises, remained the central point of business for long. As bigger brands entered into the picture, factors of location and reach became more important. T... Read More

The location of a business is a major factor as it can make a huge difference to its success. A business’s address is a key factor in the way that business is perceived as it influence a business’s ability to market itself. There are certain questions for which one should get clear answers.Question 1: Are customers available at this location for my product or services?Recently done research proves that these days, companies prefer to go to customers, instead of getting customers to them. The huge popularity of corporate hubs and commercial coworking spaces in Delhi and other metro cities is a proof of the same. At busi... Read More

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