Top tips for introverts for better networking at coworking space

  • Author: Sameera
  • 07 Sep 2020
Top tips for introverts for better networking at coworking space

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Networking at Coworking Space


 Coworking spaces have a very diverse crowd. Each individual has their own strengths, weaknesses and personality. Most people notice the extroverted employee at the coworking space due to their boisterous and loud persona. This is the person who is always chatting or networking with someone or the other. Introverts can fade away into the background in busy dynamic places. It is in the introvert’s nature to shun the crowd in favor of more personal time and space. The essence of coworking spaces in Delhi is the open area which encourages collaboration between all the different members. This can seem like a daunting place for a shy introvert.


Here are a few tips that introverts can adopt to network successfully in the coworking space.

Redefine your approach: Just like you would interact with your friends, look for opportunities to meet with other team members in a more private setting. Invite a small group of people for a coffee during breaks. This allows you to control the number of persons you need to interact with. By doing so on a one-on-one personal basis you can build deeper and more significant relationships. 

Bring support: If it seems like a daunting task to even deal with a single person at the coworking space in Delhi, bring some support. Have a fellow co-worker join you. That way you do not need to worry about keeping up the entire conversation.  

Be prepared: If you know that you will have to interact with others in the coworking space in Delhi, do a little homework and come prepared with a few icebreakers or anecdotes. This will make you feel more comfortable that you have something to say and then let the conversation gravitate on its own. 

Own your strengths: In today’s outspoken words everyone is eager to say something at the coworking space in Delhi. Listening deeply and truly has become a lost art. Introverts are naturally inclined to listen more and talk less. In some situations this is all that is needed to make the other person more comfortable and build deep relationships. 

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