What is HuntOffices?

HuntOffices is a free and impartial office broking service dedicated to finding the ideal flexible workspace for our clients. Hunt offices is a one stop service for all office requirements, we guide the way from initial enquiry to moving in a new office. We are experienced team of consultants who are market specialists. Our extensive database provides our customers with a comprehensive list of centres and locations to choose from.

What services does Huntoffices offers?

Whatever size you require, Huntoffices can find a tailor-made office solution for you. Our extensive database gives us the flexibility to offer you with premium class spaces to a cost effective centre for as little as a single desk for a month or to entire floor for your office.

How can HuntOffices help me with my search of offices?

You can use our interactive search tool to find and select office spaces from our huge data base. Once you have shortlisted the required office which suits your need you can fill in the enquiry form and our team member will be happy to get in touch with you to discuss your requirement in detail We will tailor your search to your needs, will inform you about the current market rates and will also arrange viewing of the selected office spaces, which will help you take a quicker decision.

How much your services cost me?

Our services are completely free. Our expert consultants will be on hand to provide complete, free and impartial support from the day you search, through negotiations, right up to moving day. You can simply fill in the online enquiry form or call, our expert consultant will get in touch with you and helps you shortlist business centres that suits your requirement.

Will my information be passed to third party?

No, your information is strictly confidential and it will only be shared with the relevant business centre or co-working spaces which will match your requirement.

What all type of office spaces does HuntOffices offers?

Huntoffices specializes as an office broking platform, so we offer serviced offices in our listing which includes all kind of serviced offices like closed offices, individual cabins, workstations and our listing also includes co-working spaces, meeting rooms and virtual offices.

What is a serviced office?

Serviced office is a pre-built ready to use office. These Office spaces are equipped with all the necessary fittings and furniture’s required for an office such as phone, fax lines, internet connection and all the secretarial services. Serviced offices allow you the access of other facilities with in the building such as Conference rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities and a common reception.

Why should I choose a serviced office instead of a traditional office?

Serviced offices are a better choice than traditional offices in many ways most important being flexibility to move in and out of the office on a short notice and avoids the commitment of long term leases. Another advantage of using a serviced office is reducing and expanding the size of office any a point of time. These flexible options look very small but in the long run they help is saving a huge amount.

What are the benefits of using serviced offices?

The most important benefits of using a serviced office is that You can focus on your business and leave all the daily office running hassles to the office space provider. Few of the other benefits are:

  1. Instantly ready for use after the enquiry i.e. within 24 hrs.
  2. The cost of using serviced offices is very low.
  3. The lease of the office spaces is very flexible 3months min. to 12 months max.
  4. Theirs is no cost of furniture and fit outs.
  5. No overhead cost of staff such as receptionist or secretary as the secretarial services are included.
  6. Focus on your business no hassle of maintaining and running the office.
  7. Flexibility of reducing and expanding the size of the office.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides you everything you need to run an office without having a physical office space, this in turn allows you to have a professional business address and image at a very low cost. There are different packages in virtual offices which you can opt for, basic package includes a mailing address. The full virtual office package includes mailing address, mailing services. Reception services, call answering and forwarding and access to meeting and conference rooms on demand.

What are the terms for a lease with a serviced office?

The lease terms offered by services offices are very flexible depending on the need of the customer Usually the minimum lock in period is for 3 months and can go up to any number of months depending on customer to customer.

Which type of companies and individuals use serviced offices?

As there are numerous benefits whish are associated with serviced offices the popularity of using serviced offices is growing. Large scale companies, international companies, start-us have started understanding the benefits of using a serviced office

What are the benefits for an established company for using a serviced office?

Now days a large no. of established companies have started using serviced offices as it is very convenient, the office spaces offer attractive prices and offer a lot of services. The companies can also use these offices for a short-term project in any part of the country. Serviced offices allow the companies to focus on their core business without thinking about the day to day running hassles of the office.

What are the advantages of start-up companies for using a serviced office?

As the first few months are very important for any new business, but with moving into in serviced office can cut your cost to a great extent which helps in the long run. Also, the flexibility of lease and office support staff which office spaces provide gives a great advantage to start-ups and individuals. Start-ups by using serviced offices will efficiently eliminate unforeseen expenses of running the office.

What is HO sign?

Huntoffices sign has been set up by Huntoffices staff, either by site visits or by feedback from our customers. The sign shown on the property says high quality office in good location with range of services

Why should I list my offices with HuntOffices?

It is FREE to list your offices space with Huntoffices and you will only pay us when we provide you with new clients who are converted in a successful lead. Our team speak to every client so that we can fully understand their office space needs and then introduce them to the office providers that match their requirement.  Therefore, you won’t be wasting your time with unqualified referrals. We are independently owned and have no affiliation or partnership with any office provider and are therefore able to provide you with a 100% impartial service.

How much do HuntOffice charge?

There are no monthly or annual subscription fees - listing your office space with HuntOffices is FREE. We operate a performance based model where we only charge a fee if we successfully place a tenant in your building, for more details please see our terms and conditions which are available on our website page or you can request a copy via email.

How do I advertise my office space with HuntOffices?

You can register your property online by clicking on this link HuntOffices.com or alternatively you can call us on +91-9319427324‬,
+91-11-66394473 and we can register your offices for you.

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