Disadvantages of Working from HomeNowadays Remote Working, Work from Home, Virtual Employees etc. are more in trend. Work flexibility is a rising trend amongst millennials. However, while working from home may sound like an ideal situation for many of us, it is not always the case. Here are the major disadvantages of working from home.    Hard to Monitor Performance - It is not simple for supervisors to screen their staffs' advancement and execution without them being in a similar office space. This is particularly heightened if the activity job requires a ton of "foundation obligations" that cannot be checked on a work's framewo... Read More

Commercial Real Estate has a reputation that they are the slowest to adopt technology, but current commercial real estate trends indicate a change. The changing trend in commercial real estate is more aligned to the technology advancements and impact us in different ways. The commercial real estate trends have changed the way we used to market ourselves that is how we use to calculate the office space requirements and what all tools we used to employ in order to be of more value to our clients. Here are the three commercial real estate trends that will help you to keep your clients informed and create a desired workplace for them.Technology Fails to Change CRE DynamicsCom... Read More

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