CSR activities are important for private office spaces A company that contributes to the community is a company that can gain untold gains not just through the interest of the customer but also in the context of the community's financial buy.   • Strong, healthy communities build keen, healthy businesses When the entire neighbourhood is poor, the company can't thrive. Supporting various organizations and initiatives such as daycare, emergency shelters, anti-drug addiction services or the different united way shows a contribution to improving the society     • Social responsibility that pays you back   Need to conserve resources while pushing your CSR message home to p... Read More

From ancient times, plants have been an eternal part of human life. Whether it is our mental, physical, or spiritual well-being, plants always play a positive role in our lives. Having garden around your house is always rejuvenating. It adds to the beauty and a sense of liveliness to the house. But what about your office space, the place, where you spend a large part of your day.Studies show that having plants in office space can boost employee productivity as compared to a workplace with no greenery. Plants affect the work productivity in many ways.Enhance ProductivityExperiments have shown that work productivity goes up by 15% if plants are there in the office space. The reason being, plants have direct effect... Read More

In order to be more productive, apart from being focused, you need to have resources around you to that make you feel more efficient. We mean the way you arrange and decorate your workplace directly effects your productivity. Definitely there are many tips to make your office fun-filled and less stressed, but one of the these is to create a greener and friendlier office environment.Greener, The HappierStart with planting, in real! Occupying a spacious desk in a multi-storey building might be the only comforting factor for you in the office space, but it needs a personal touch too. Bring some small plants with mild fragrance and place it on your desk. Think about it, the pile of files and random papers will look less messy in shadow of the plant. Stu... Read More

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