Shared office space -Office sharing is a term that encourages companies operating or running a workplace to assign or hire workstations or self-contained facilities to smaller businesses searching for portable workspace. It generates money for the corporation that operates the workplace, which offers an inexpensive, convenient option for companies searching beyond their home for a workplace. Key benefits areLower administrative expenses (cleaning facilities, printing paper, business equipment etc.)  Faster office tools wear and tear  Potential NDA problems if space is not split properly  Costs for configuration (dividing the room into false walls)  Costs in administration applications (resource control, apps for r... Read More

Coworking Spaces in Ahmedabad There are many multinational companies that are taking serviced offices with business centres and coworking spaces, and they will plenty of services and benefits in cost-effective packages.   Here are conveniences we get in serviced offices:   High-Speed Internet Connectivity: In a serviced office, we will get high-speed internet connectivity, and business centres have the option of wired internet and wireless internet connectivity both, we can choose as per our preference. We will get the secured internet connectivity.  Meeting Spaces: Since companies rent a serviced office in the business centre and as t... Read More

Serviced office in AhmedabadHealth remains a prime concern for the people working in different walks of life. Companies are coming up with creative ideas, associating with Health Institutions, offering mobility to work from home or elsewhere, but a recent study shows on an average Open Plan Offices score only 6.1 for health and 6.5 for productivity, when it comes to staying healthy and productive in their working environment. The picture changes when we look at the scores of companies, which offer work from home facilities. People working from home score 8.1 for health and 7.7 for productivity.Less Health ProblemsThese days people fall ill mostly because of daily practi... Read More

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