Is sharing office spaces a cost-effective option?

  • Author: Sameera
  • 19 May 2021
Is sharing office spaces a cost-effective option?

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Shared office space -Office sharing is a term that encourages companies operating or running a workplace to assign or hire workstations or self-contained facilities to smaller businesses searching for portable workspace. It generates money for the corporation that operates the workplace, which offers an inexpensive, convenient option for companies searching beyond their home for a workplace.


Key benefits are

Lower administrative expenses (cleaning facilities, printing paper, business equipment etc.)  

Faster office tools wear and tear  

Potential NDA problems if space is not split properly  

Costs for configuration (dividing the room into false walls)  

Costs in administration applications (resource control, apps for reception desks, supervision in conference spaces, and so on)


This is undoubtedly the most feasible explanation. The shared office space ensures profitability. Annually, a user sharing the workspace saves up to 20 per cent more than a user using commercial office space. Well, the expense of renting a grade 'A' commercial office room is very expensive in metros like Mumbai and Delhi. If a company has to be fully set up, it has to retain rooms. So all of this plus the reality that large office buildings are rented out for long-term rentals, render them fairly unviable for small startups. Even individual professionals and small-scale businesses find it difficult to go for these office spaces because of the prevailing budget constraints.


Shared office in Mumbai has got a huge demand in current time, many freelancers and small entrepreneurs are always searching dor shared office due to their cost-effectiveness.


Customers come and go and that even extends to the small enterprises. The number of employees in a commercial business fluctuates constantly. In terms of accommodating everyone, it is hard for a fixed office space to cater for a growing company. The office space shouldn't be too small or too big for the business.  


Too small means in-office chaos; whereas too big means unproductive expenses. This is not a concern at joint offices where you pay per seat (regardless of the specific size of the team).


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