Coworking Spaces In Jayanagar Starting a new business may seem like a challenge, as there are various factors to consider making it successful. Coworking space in Jayanagar, Bangalore helps you start your business with an innovative and visionary idea that will require a lot of focus and effort to bring it to fruition.  The beginning is the most crucial phase, and your surroundings must make it easier for you to get work done. Renting a traditional new coworking space in Jayanagar for yourself is not always possible due to the high rental costs, especially in the... Read More

Coworking space in Manyata Tech Park BangaloreOpen planned offices and coworking spaces are all the rage. Companies are ditching the traditional cubicle system in favor of open planned coworking spaces. Coworking space in Manyata Tech Park Bangalore provides the opportunity to work closely with members of different industries. The level of collaboration and synergy is at an all-time high. As this loca... Read More

Coworking Space in KoramangalaA company is as good as well as the employees who work for it. Having capable, hard-working staff who work dedicatedly for the company is a definite way of making a profit and being successful. If you are looking for innovative ideas for your company, you would require staff capable of doing a job as per your expectations.  So how does a company focus on attracting top talent? Nowadays, employees are savvy enough to check what the company will do for them apart from just salary considerations. They want to work... Read More

Coworking spaces in MarathahalliEvery company aims to thrive, be successful and profitable. Management is always looking for new ways to gets its staff to be more productive and efficient. Employees no longer want to be cooped up in cubicles. Coworking spaces in Marathahalli Outer Ring Road offer open-plan spaces that are expansive and allow the employees to breathe.&nbs... Read More

If you are a sales person at a business centre, you would have already listed some types of callers you usually attend. With a curiosity to know more about it, we interviewed sales executives from different Coworking space in Delhi/NCR.Here are the 8 types of callers that we found common in all the interviews. 1. The Question MarksThey ask questions but don’t wait for the answers. They are ready with their next question even before their first one is answered.2. The StorytellersThey don’t have questions, instead they have stories to tell. They want to share their experiences... Read More

One of the fast growing economies in the world, India has become a popular destination for business investment. It’s Asia’s second largest economy, after China and boasts of a number of business-friendly cities.If you’re looking to invest in India, then don’t miss these five top picks:Delhi/NCRDelhi is the heart of India. It’s the capital city and provides plenty of business friendly opportunities to both national and international companies. With a major chunk of companies expanding their base to the NCR region, there has been a steep growth in terms of business opportunities and coworking spaces in New Delhi. A large number of... Read More

The location of a business is a major factor as it can make a huge difference to its success. A business’s address is a key factor in the way that business is perceived as it influence a business’s ability to market itself. There are certain questions for which one should get clear answers.Question 1: Are customers available at this location for my product or services?Recently done research proves that these days, companies prefer to go to customers, instead of getting customers to them. The huge popularity of corporate hubs and commercial coworking spaces in Delhi and other metro cities is a proof of the same. At busi... Read More

Bangalore is already the favourite business location for IT based companies in India. Growth of IT hubs like Whitefield and Electronic City have made the state even more suitable for business activities. Both MNCs and start-ups look up to the South Indian state when it comes to choosing a business location. The state truly justifies the name “Silicon Valley of India”.Apart from the popular IT hubs, there is one area in Bangalore, which is growing at a fast rate as an upcoming business hub. It is the Outer Ring Road stretch between Read More

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