Three Changing Trends in Commercial Real Estate

  • Author: Sameera
  • 26 Jul 2019
Three Changing Trends in Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial Real Estate has a reputation that they are the slowest to adopt technology, but current commercial real estate trends indicate a change. The changing trend in commercial real estate is more aligned to the technology advancements and impact us in different ways. The commercial real estate trends have changed the way we used to market ourselves that is how we use to calculate the office space requirements and what all tools we used to employ in order to be of more value to our clients. Here are the three commercial real estate trends that will help you to keep your clients informed and create a desired workplace for them.

Technology Fails to Change CRE Dynamics

Commercial real estate business is too complex to be simplified in a straight line and technology also is unable to bring the change for the same. Though there are some commercial real estate technology companies, offering enhanced products that help you managing the commercial real estate transactions. The companies like LoopNet and CoStar, 20 years ago, have had a huge impact on the industry and changed the way we use to research and market earlier.

Social Media Widely Accepted Tool in CRE

As per the changing trends in commercial real estate, social media is more acceptable by brokerage professionals as compared to five years ago. The stats also indicate that the medium of social media will continue to gain acceptance by future generation of brokers in the industry. The social media and content marketing in commercial real estate are two of the key factors responsible for new business and commission income. The biggest commercial real estate brands are also not far behind when it comes to embracing social media and content marketing. These market players are well aware how media landscape has changed and building a stronger digital presence.

Co-working Model Driven by Technology

Technology is the sole responsible for creating an alternative of workplace and enabling co-working operations. The co-working trend in commercial real estate seems to be new but has gained popularity specifically in tech-centric market. Certainly, co-working spaces have wider acceptance as per the changing trends in commercial real estate, however there is a doubt on its viability in long run. The capability to last for a long run for co-working spaces also depends on how long corporates are willing to provide the comfortable workplace to employees.

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