Balancing Physical and Virtual Office is an Art

  • Author: Sameera
  • 27 Mar 2019
Balancing Physical and Virtual Office is an Art

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There are many entrepreneurs and proprietors who require to manage physical as well as virtual office setup. Both the offices can be used for different set of people like home office for employees and the virtual office for clients. As you are investing in both the setups, it is important to make the best use of a virtual office space and the home office at the same time.

Use one address everywhere

It is not a wise idea to share your home office address in all the communications that you do with clients. On other hand, using your virtual office address can be a benificial idea. How? The virtual office address helps other to identify your business and same can be used for marketing as well. This is also another way of not using your home address and look more professional. It is not a wise idea to use both the addresses because there are chances that those clients get confused and take it negatively.

Dedicated Space for Different Activities

There is no point in replacing a Virtual Office space with a home office and Virtual Office Space. If you choose any personal space as per your suitability for client meetings, then there is a scope you are inviting troubles for your business. Dedicating one space for work and other for meetings is as important as having one room for sleeping and another one for taking bath. By separating both the spaces, you can make the best use of available area and manage multiple things in the right sequence. This will also help you avoiding the confusion and mess between two different offices.

Virtual Team Stability

For business units, where employees can work from different locations without being physically present, Virtual Offices are preferred. In such a scenario, it is advisable to conduct interviews of prospective employees in virtual offices. This helps in creating a strong company image not just only for clients but also for employees. As per a research done by Deloitte, 30% to 40% of physical workspaces are vacant at any given moment on an average business day. Considering the search results, it makes more sense for small business units to make the best use of Virtual Offices.

It doesn’t make sense to do same kind of work in both the offices as the purpose of having Virtual Office is lost. The right balance between two offices by defining where you want to work and where you want to market that work is of utmost importance.

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