How much space does an employee need in office space in Chandigarh?

  • Author: Sameera
  • 10 Mar 2021
How much space does an employee need in office space in Chandigarh?

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Office Space in Chandigarh

An office space in a shared office or conventional office the requirement of space only depends upon how much comfort or area required for an individual.  When buying or leasing office space in Chandigarh, one should plan for the necessary amount of space is critical to operating an efficient office space ultimately.


One needs to calculate how much is required for an employee in office space. There are multiple for office space in Chandigarh, and the space provided to them is standard 100-175 sqft, including table, chair, storage area per person. However, it all depends on the working need for an individual as well.  


In some offices, we might see the cubicles provided to senior employees in the organization with an average area of approx. 120-150sqft, it depends on the company norms if they want a more significant area or smaller area for their employee.  


In conventional office space, the rent calculated based on per sqft, and in shared office space, the cost includes depending on the workstation. Ideally, the space is required for any individual is depending on how much area he is covering to place the furniture and the storage with it. The sizes of table and chair also considered while looking for an employee workstation space.  


There are categories of spaces standard sizes defied are as follows.  


  • President /VP or Manager office space is approx.- 150-400 Sqft
  • Engineer/Accountant/secretarial rep office space (Cubicles) is approx.-100-175 sqft.


Before deciding the space area per workstation in the commercial building, one should know what types of workstation is required for the office, whether it is a mix of standard sizes of space available for an employee. Most open-seating jobs require rows with small desks in high-density places for an employee.  


If anyone require spacious areas for their employee may demand space according to their need. But now a day, people are more tend toward a shared office where the employee sits closer to each other with a small area desk with fully furnished.


While the selection of buildings, a space planner, or an interior architect may be a valuable part of your team of professionals to help you design the perfect space for your business, though, 120-175 square feet per person is an excellent general estimated area.


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