How to search a coworking space near me

How to search a coworking space near me

In the last few years, we have seen a considerable rise in searches with a suffix ‘near me.’ The fact that Google is advertising near me search is a clear indication that consumers now favor to look for products and services in their neighborhood. Data from Google shows that these searches have gone up by two times since 2015.

The two most popular search engines i.e., google, and Bing, now shows results from map searches in the search results. These results are picked up based on the user’s current location and the map listings near that geographic location.

This trend has also been popular for Coworking spaces where users prefer to search ‘coworking spaces + near me’ to find the best facilities that suit their needs. 

To make the best of this trend, coworking operators list their facilities on the google maps to ensure that their business comes up on local searches either on google search console or on searches made on google maps.

This article gives you enough information to make the best of this trend in the search for your best coworking space near you. so that the next time you are looking for a office in Delhi you find the best facility near you.

How do ‘near me’ searches work?

The algorithms that govern these searches are a secret, and it’s challenging to identify how exactly it works. Still, the data and information captured over some time helps us understand how the organic results for ‘near me’ work.

Google and other search engines use algorithms to crawl the websites and google map listings of your coworking space provider. This information is saved in their Cache when you search for the phrase ‘coworking space near me’ the search engine in real-time traces your location through the IP address on your computer or the GPS coordinates of your phone in case you are searching from your smartphone.

Google poses three metrics that offset all other aspects of local search results. 

1.    Distance

Distance is the most vital component. You can be sure that the result will appear in the order of how far they are from you; as explained earlier, this comes from your current location. 

2.   Relevance

Google and other search engines match the website content to the search phrase to ensure that the results you get are relevant to what you have searched. For example, if you are based in Cyber City Gurgaon and searching for ‘Shared office + near me,’ then you will see results from operators who have a shared office product on their portfolio and not from other operators.

3.   Prominence

Prominence is regularly accessed on factors like customer ratings, the authority of the website, and several other small elements. 

Coworking space operators also have the option to upload images of their facility. Do not forget to see these images to get a glance to understand if you like the facility. Some operators also upload a virtual walk-through of their business centre so that you can take a closer look and take a virtual tour before you physically go to see the place. Google maps also give every user to upload images of the coworking office so, do check them out as well.

So get going and shortlist your ideal office space by typing ‘coworking space near me’ on your search console and contact Huntoffices.com to get the best deal on coworking spaces all over India.

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