How to Set an Identity with Your Office Design | HuntOffices

How to Set an Identity with Your Office Design | HuntOffices

Have you ever been to a new restaurant and just came back, without trying the food just because you did like the ambience there? It is human nature to judge a book by its cover.

The look and feel of any place, like your office, is important in order to create the desired first impression on your visitors. People tend to have a mind set about your business based on your office. Your office design must be appealing enough to hold them back.


Be Yourself!

The boring greys and blacks, intended to bring out the corporate feel, are bygones. The latest trend is to be innovative and different. Have a décor in your office that suits your nature and goes with your line of business. Your clients will get comfortable in an environment with a personal touch.


Have some glimpses of nature around you

Promote greenery. Have some indoor plants in your office. Plants make the office environment calmer. Studies show that work productivity goes up by 15% in offices that have plants. Plants also clean the air we breathe, reducing minor illnesses by 30%. Read some tips on office interior that can improve productivity.


Keep your office clean and eco-friendly

It is important to have cleanliness in office as it reduces stress level, improves concentration and helps to maintain a smooth workflow. Your clients will also prefer to deal in a clean office and that which is eco-friendly. An environment friendly office shows your sense of responsibility towards society.


Keep drinking water and clean washrooms accessible

It may sound too small to take care of, but small things make huge differences. Your clients should not find it difficult to look for drinking water in your office. Poorly maintained washrooms are a big turn off. It portrays a careless attitude. Little things like water and washrooms help to create a good impression on your clients.


Attend to your clients well

All your clients are important. Treat all of them with equal attention, no matter how much business they bring you. The way you behave with them decides how many times they would back to you for business. Your reception staff should show a welcoming behaviour to your visitors.

Your office reflects your personality and becomes the face of your business. Your office design and the way you and you staff conduct with the clients play role in creating an impression about your business. So don’t forget to smile while attending your clients and maintain a happy work environment.

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