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Know the Right Office Chair for Your Physical Health

27 Dec 2017 | 485 Views | 0 Comments
Sameera Reddy
Know the Right Office Chair for Your Physical Health

One can never afford to avoid health, but health issues become unavoidable, especially when you are following an inactive routine. The employees, who spend maximum time at desk, need to know the right office chair type for them. Most of the companies fail to understand the reason behind increased physical health issues among the employees, which arise because they don’t pay much heed to the furniture. The chair on which employees sit for non-stop hours should be comfortable and designed to provide enough back support.

Brand and Price Don’t Matter

When you are choosing the right type of office chair, do not go with the brands. The theory of most expensive will be the best doesn’t work here. Try to understand the sitting posture of a chair and pay attention to the physical needs of all individuals. It is preferable to invest in two-three types of chairs because single type of chair might not be a perfect fit for tall or small people.

Different Types

In the market, there are multiple types of chairs available like Executive Chairs and Computer Chair. While purchasing, you can ask the seller to describe the difference between different types of chairs to have better knowledge.

Executive Chairs:

·   Have high backs with head and neck rets

·   Not comfortable for long stretches

·   Comfortable for reading and meeting

Computer Chairs:

·   Have high back equal to your mid back

·   Not designed for long sitting jobs

·   Comfortable for Interview and Cabin Setup

Posture Detailing

It is not possible to cater to the specific needs of each person fully, but providing the closest fit is not impossible too. There should be adjusting clutches with the chairs, so that these can be adjusted as per the height and one can sit matching up the eye level with the height of the monitor.

·   Should be adjustable in terms of height, arm rests and back position

·   Complete back support to avoid back problems associated with slouched posture

·   Adjustable lumbar support to the natural curvature and lower back

·   Arm rests should be parallel to the floor to avoid pressure on writs and elbows

·   Wheel base instead a cantilever bottom to allow free movement.

Material and Fabric

The office chairs should be made of breathable fabric because employees spend long hours at the desk. The fancy chair can be an x-factor of your office interiors, but definitely not the show stopper, if it is not designed to last for more than two weeks or so. Also, make sure that chair padding is strong and you are not able to feel the base through the cushion.



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