Coworking Space in Golf Course Road

 Did you know where all those freelancers, startups, and multinationals are that were once struggling to expand their businesses? You’d have thought that they might have been completely dissolved, but they have now reached to unprecedented scale instead. What’s the secret behind their success? What magic they’ve done to inflate their business operations? What could you do to upsurge your business?


Well, the answer to your all questions is- Choose Coworking space on Golf Course Road. Yes, you heard it right! No business, these days, wants to splurge on conventional spaces and end up losing plenty of bucks. Instead, they are choosing shared spaces on Golf Course Road where they’ll get growth-support cost, networking opportunities, diversity, flexibility, to name a few.


Golf Course Extension Road: Gurgaon’s Most Promising Growth Sector

Golf Course Extension Road cuts perpendicular to Golf Course Road in Gurgaon and is truly an extension of Golf Course Road. This road cuts the Gurgaon Faridabad Road on one end and goes all the way up to the Sohna road. Through multiple infrastructure projects and initiatives by the state government, the skyline of this NCR town has significantly changed over the past decade. With the rapid infrastructure development in full force, the millennium city can now successfully meet the lavish standards. 

But now the question arises, What businesses are heading to office space on Golf Course Road? Why Golf Course Road has become a preferred location for startups? What are the benefits of choosing a coworking space on Golf Course Road?  

Here’s the bottom line.


Seamless Connectivity

When you choose a coworking space on Golf Course Road, you’ll get excellent connectivity, so both your clients and employees can easily access the location. Remember that, ‘No client or employee wants to invest hours and hours commuting to a location that cannot be easily accessible’. Services of the Rapid Metro Phase-2 has remarkably improved the connectivity to Gurgaon and has brought relief to commuters. The route of the metro runs along the entire Golf Course Extension. 

Residents of Faridabad can choose the route through the Faridabad highway zipping through the green belt to reach directly on Golf Course Extension Road. The road on the other end extends into the Southern Periphery Road (SPR) which cuts into the Nations Highway toward Manesar side. Starts from Sector 55, Golf Course Extension Road finally links up to Sector 66, reaching Sohna Road. Along this stretch, some of the new sectors comprise Sector 61, 62, 65, 66 and 67 respectively. 


Professional Communication

Whether you’re a giant corporation or a freelancer, having abundant professional communication is imperative to your business. Since there are many commercial bets are placed on this area like M3M Urbana, AIPL Joy Central, AIPL Business Club, Emmar MGF Plaza, Commerce park, Digital Greens, choosing a coworking space on Golf Course Road will let you interact and communicate with like-minded individuals. 

When you enter coworking, the robust network will allow you to improve your business in an engaging and inspirational environment while eliminating isolation. 


State-of-the-Art Facilities

Are you still splurging on traditional offices and using obsolete technology? If so, you’re killing your own business as no client wants to build a relationship with an entrepreneur who doesn’t adopt updated technology. And consequently, most businesses fail to grow. 

When you choose a coworking space on Golf Course Road for your shared space, you’ll enjoy a multitude of benefits like speedy Wi-fi/LAN, fully-furnished office spaces, amiable reception staff, parking facility, high-tech IT support, cafeteria, and well-equipped meeting rooms infused with facilities like projectors, LCD, ergonomic furnishing, video conferencing, fully air-conditioned, smart boards, audio equipment, etc.  


Golf Course Road presents an unstoppable growth for businesses regardless of their size. Good connectivity and infrastructure are the strong sentiments for the area and its future growth. To avail from the best of office spaces on Golf Course Road, visit and choose the ideal workspace as per your business needs.