5 Things That Make Serviced Offices Better than Traditional Offices

5 Things That Make Serviced Offices Better than Traditional Offices

Health remains a prime concern for the people working in different walks of life. Companies are coming up with creative ideas, associating with Health Institutions, offering mobility to work from home or elsewhere, but a recent study shows on an average Open Plan Offices score only 6.1 for health and 6.5 for productivity, when it comes to staying healthy and productive in their working environment. The picture changes when we look at the scores of companies, which offer work from home facilities. People working from home score 8.1 for health and 7.7 for productivity.

Less Health Problems

These days people fall ill mostly because of daily practices like travelling for long hours on road, sitting in air conditioned rooms, lack of sunlight, sitting for long hours and others. It seems impossible to avoid such kind of daily routines and space out time to look after health. Due to these factors, health suffers the most and you miss on health tips that should be a part of your daily routine.

Work Life Balance

The time invested in the daily routine jobs leave no time for health related activities like exercise. Where working from office doesn’t allow flexible management of multiple tasks, working from home allows easy management of all. While working from home, employees tend to be more productive and plan things in a better way and make the best out of the day. The studies show that companies, which offer work-from-facility, see less attrition and more client satisfaction.

Less Stress Environment      

It might get monotonous to work at the same place, with less belongingness, which is difficult to fight with on day-to-day basis. On other hand, the satisfaction of seeing spouse, parents and kids around and understanding their requirements while managing the work requirements give a strong feeling of satisfaction. Such office culture also promotes less stressful working environment and less absenteeism.

Better Time Management

Travelling to far distant places on daily basis and spending time in traffic wastes a good amount of time. On other note, avoiding travelling and traffic to invest the same amount of time to complete important tasks is a win-win deal for all. Even employees with increased level of satisfaction and productivity with no health problems think less restricted and out perform in different cores of the work life.

Every office lifestyle has its own benefits and drawbacks! Employees availing working from office facilities compare to open office set up are less exposed to learning, social aspects, colleague engagement and professional growth. But, a combination of home and office working has wonderful results for all.

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