8 Best Coworking Spaces in Noida in 2023

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Sameera Reddy
8 Best Coworking Spaces in Noida in 2023
  • Noida is a popular location for businesses and has a variety of office space options available. Noida has multiple commercial areas such as Sector 18, Sector 62, Sector 63, Sector 125, Sector 16, Sector 3, Sector 4, etc. that offer different types of office spaces. 
  • You can find office spaces in Noida ranging from co-working spaces, shared offices, serviced offices, private offices, and virtual offices. The cost of office space in Noida varies depending on the location, size, and amenities provided. Generally, office spaces in prime locations such as Sector 18 and Sector 62 are more expensive than the ones in other areas.
  •  It is important to research and compare different office space options before finalizing one. You should consider factors such as accessibility, proximity to public transportation, parking facilities, security, and amenities such as internet connectivity, air conditioning, and conference rooms. 
  • Huntoffices is an online platform that provides listings of office spaces available in Noida. You can search, compare the prices and book for a site visit on, who specialize in commercial properties in Noida to find suitable office spaces that meet your requirements.

1) Innov8 Coworking Space in Sector 16A, Noida:

Innov8 Coworking is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Noida, known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, inspiring workspace design, and vibrant community. It offers flexible seating options, conference rooms, private cabins, and lounge areas, among other amenities. This Coworking is one of the most popular office space in Sec 16A, Noida

2) Awfis Coworking Space in Sector 62, Noida:

Awfis Space Solutions is a well-known coworking space provider in India, with several locations in Noida. It offers fully furnished office spaces, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and event spaces, among other services. Awfis’ Noida office space is a cost-effective, tech-enabled solution where coworking leads to networking with people from all walks of life and a rewarding work atmosphere. Noida Sec 62 is one of the most prominent and upcoming areas in Noida.

3) 91springboard Coworking Space in Sector 1, Noida:

91springboard is a coworking space provider that offers workspace solutions for startups, freelancers, and enterprises. It has a range of facilities, including high-speed internet, private cabins, conference rooms, and event spaces. The coworking office space in Noida Sector 1 is spread out over 36,000 sq. ft. and can host over 870 co-workers. Abundant natural lighting, an atrium and a backyard garden ensures our coworking space will always have a special place.

4) Nukleus Coworking Space in Sector 142, Noida:

Small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and other working professionals can easily use this shared office space in Noida. It’s a coworking space where you can create a larger network of people from all walks of life this office space also giving you plenty of opportunities to work on your talents and share your ideas. It is for everyone and anyone, regardless of whether you work in IT, marketing, or media. Noida, Sec 142 is also one of the upcoming areas where companies prefers to be positioned.

5) Eccosphere Coworking Space Sector 67, Noida:

This workspace is in Noida, Sector 67 which aims to bring together professionals from all walks of life under a single roof and have creativity, ideas and innovation ooze out and encourage collaboration so everyone can reach their desired goals! Interestingly, it is India’s first Zen-designed coworking space and follows the Zen philosophy of minimalism and simplicity – celebrating natural materials and visual balance. Both open and connected workspaces reside alongside private work clusters and cabins without cluttering the whole design flow. It offers multiple utilities as well such as plug and play facility, hot desks, high speed, prime location, business centres, serviced office, and convenient location.

6) Execube Coworking Space Sector 4, Noida:

Execube is a well-equipped coworking space in Noida that caters to a wide variety of customers, from freelancers to large companies. Aerodynamic furniture is provided in the office to support the body structure. This is the driving force behind many shared workspace ideas: to bring people together who share mutual goals. Allowing you to interact with them as much or as little as you want might lead to your next big project. Shared workspaces give you access to different types of work and even workflows that can benefit your company.

7) ABL Coworking Space in Sector 4, Noida: 

ABL is a coworking space provider with multiple locations across India, including Noida, Sector 4 It offers a range of amenities, including private cabins, meeting rooms, event spaces, and gaming areas. ABL has also started program in their coworking spaces with the vision of creating an ecosystem for startup, first generation entrepreneurs, idea to connect with the right mentors of the industry so that they can create a path to scale their business models to the next level.

8) Amigo Coworking Space in Sector 8, Noida: