Challenges faced at coworking space and how to resolve them

  • Author: Sameera
  • 27 Apr 2021
Challenges faced at coworking space and how to resolve them

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Coworking spaces have become progressively popular in recent years, and for a good reason. It's doubtlessly an excellent choice for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs, as well as large companies, to economize, network, and fuel employees' creativity. For example, what if a start-up founder may find an app developer, investor, or designer.  


It is more about a desk and chair for a temporary occupant, and it's also about to create a balanced, working space where anyone can work in whatever capacity their job demands.  


There are challenges which a coworking face, few are listed below: -  


1. Managing flow and ebb 


Not everyone will be present at the same time. Every day at office results, both business models rely on selling more membership than the total available capacity permit. Mix of assigned desks and open area creates balance in space. A manager can keep checking whether the office is busy or empty by monitoring check-inn or volume trends. It helps office space to set better pricing or conduct outreach marketing to get better flow and ebb.  


2. Meeting different expectations 


Coworking space fails because they try to hone-in on specific worker expectations. Niche office spaces thrive because they attract unique groups, and coworking don't have the luxury of being to that specific. So, to draw, they need to set the highest baseline expectations. Thus, ensure the layout of the available workspace is inclusive and diverse. Produce or generate a floor plan that encourages unimpeded work and provides a pleasant experience. The unique ambiance of your cowork space will bring customers back.  


3. Shared space frictions 


People working in office space might not be in a traditional office, but they also have deadlines for the work or projects to complete or to focus. When they feel interrupted or feel that their space violated, they are going to get defensive. It can be solved if the manager finds a way to reduce friction. Good decking can provide enough space to spread out and prevent friction or assigning spaces or delegating specific areas to certain work functions can cut down the conflicts and confusion.  


4. Constant distraction 


One of the big challenges of working space is noise. The clicking of keyboards, chatting on phones, and other computer prompts can drive the most patient person crazy. A solution to this is noise-cancelling headphones as they would be mentally blocking out the noise. Facility design also helps. Choose natural and artificial barriers to split up the workspace without closing it or do whatever it takes to cut out the friction distraction and keep workers focused.  


Thus, coworker satisfaction = coworker success 

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