How can good fragrance in office spaces affect your productivity?

How can good fragrance in office spaces affect your productivity?

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The influence of fragrance on humans' psychophysiological activities has been known for a long time, but still, many people don't realize the powerful tool aromatherapy can be. Some studies have revealed specific fragrance effects on memory, concentration, sustained attention, and boost productivity. 


If you have an office space in Delhi or office space in Gurgaon, you must be aware of the poor air quality, which somehow impacts our body and mind. To improvise this situation, we can take help from aromatherapy to improve our productivity.   

As we all know, coffee at office space can make us attentive, but have you ever thought the smell of it could have a similar impact. Same way, rosemary aroma has a positive effect on increasing alertness and enhance memory. 


Lemon and Jasmine stimulates the nervous system, re-energizing your staff. Just imagine the effect of Jasmine aroma into the pantry area. Another scent that is found great for any office space in Delhi is Citrus. Citrus will help the staff feel refreshed at all times


Have you ever observed that there are times during the meeting or in a group discussion, your office staff is getting quite stressed out, and some may face anxiety issues?  

Do you know by putting a lemongrass aroma in your meeting room help ease anxiety and reduce stress? 

Same way, Pine aroma can have a similar effect. Walking through the forest can have tons of positive impacts but smelling the artificial pine have a similar outcome. Studies have shown that pine helps to reduce stress and have antidepressant quality.  


Another scent works for productivity is lavender.  Lavender is typically used to have a sedative effect. And should be used in stress-free zones at office spaces in Delhi. It has been proven that the lavender improves concentration by recharging the brain when it's time to rest.   


Aromatherapy is one of the more non-traditional ways to boost productivity, but it does work wonderfully. It's low cost, readily available, and useful.  


What better way to uplift the mood and productivity of your team? Try one or more of the scents as mentioned above in your workspace and see what happens!  

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