How Does Hospitality Matter in a Coworking Space?

  • Author: Sameera
  • 17 Aug 2021
How Does Hospitality Matter in a Coworking Space?

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Historically, this concept of hospitality is from ages back; it is about receiving the guest in the spirit of goodwill. It implies respect, warmth, and even protection - it builds. It also refers to the relationship between the host and client/customer.


Today, it also refers to a segment of the service industry, that includes hotels, sports, events, coworking spaces, and other tourism-related sectors. The hospitality industry is not only essential to societies but also clients, economies, and employees.


Clients/customers with a positive experience will reap the benefits of a higher customer retention rate, and it also encourages positive customer feedback.  


To explain how hospitality matters below are few points: -  


1. It Distinguished Business from Other Competitors


If a client is stuck between choosing a company that offers poor service and another company that offers outstanding service, he or she will choose the latter. So, the bottom line is whether the coworking business is small, medium, or at a large scale, it is important to differentiate itself from other competitors.  


2. Encourages Positive Customer Feedback


If a hospitality business offers poor, lacklustre service, customers may leave a negative review, and we all know how word of mouth impacts businesses. So, impactful hospitality can encourage positive customer reviews. There are plenty of coworking spaces in Mumbai which encourages positive customer feedback.  


3. Boost Customer Retention


It shows selling to a new client cost more than selling to an existing client. So, retaining an existing customer can be possible by offering exceptional hospitality in one of the most effective ways. It's not only attractive prices which make clients add purchase but it also a quality of service provided by coworking spaces.  


Around the world, industries rely on hospitality in many aspects of their life. With origins belonging back to thousands of years, it is an essential concept on which countless businesses operate.

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