How To Decide The Right Meeting Room Type

How To Decide The Right Meeting Room Type

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The modern corporate setup is changing drastically. Unlike yesterday, today you have custom solutions available as per your requirements. Meeting rooms and business centres in Delhi and other metro cities have becoming very common.

This means you have more options available to cater the single need, but you also need to learn the pros and cons of different meeting room setups. It is important to educate yourself about the negative impact of your choices. You will find a plenty of meeting room options in business centres and you need to learn how to pick the best type of meeting room.

Cabaret Style Meeting Rooms

The Cabaret style of meeting rooms is also known as Crescent or Half moon. In this kind of setup you have round table seating arrangements for eight to twelve people. This kind of setup helps when the meetings are meant for networking and group discussions. The round table structure makes it comfy for all to take notes where snacks can also be served with ease. If required, people can also refer notes, if in case they lose the thread of the conversation.

Theatre Style Meeting Rooms

In theatre style meeting rooms, seats are arranged in rows facing and a separate stage area is provided with head table and speaker with no conference table. Such set up is used for when people act as an audience. This kind of set up is not advisable for networking events and dinner or lunch. It is recommendable for large gathering where reading and writing is not required.

Classroom Style Meeting Room

The Classroom style meeting rooms have much more space per person, compare to theatre style. In such a set up you do have some place where everyone can rest their papers and equipment. It also provides space for refreshments and note taking.

U-Shape Style Meeting Rooms

In this style of setup, a series of conference tables is arranged in the shape of the letter ‘U’ with chairs around the outside of the table. This setup is used for board meetings, discussions and committee meetings where there is no speaker but a facilitator of the conversation. Mostly in such cases, facilitator run presentations and answer questions and take notes if required. It should be avoided if number of people is more than 20 as it becomes too long and participants may lose the interest.

There are Meeting Rooms of Hollow Square Style, U-Shape Style, Conference Style and others that can also be checked and arranged is required. You can also learn How to Conduct Effective Meetings to make the best use of these meeting rooms.

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