How to Safely Offer 24/7 Access to Your Workspace

How to Safely Offer 24/7 Access to Your Workspace

Providing 24/7 access to a coworking space is a little difficult as there are so many questions arises if you try to implement this facility like, how do you monitor who's in the office? What about security? What kind of entry system should you use?

As few people work for multinational companies must work in different working hours, hence keeping your workplace 24/7 accessible becomes an important thing.

Avanta has few tips that you can follow and can easily implement 24/7 features in your coworking space in Delhi. You can maximize the usage by offering safe and secure access, while only staffing the office space during business hours. Below are the helpful tips-

1. Having a security personal 24/7- Assign a security personal on your workplace who can screen all the people who would be entering the space post working hours. He also needs to make sure that if anything happens so he can always inform the staff of the workplace.

2. Set up a good Camera System- Having a good CCTV camera system in your office space can increase the chances of providing 24/7 access to your clients after the working hours. Just always make sure that the cameras are working in good condition and should be covering most of the important areas in your office space. You can also link the cameras to your access system to access the cameras to check that who is entering and when someone is entering the premises. 

3. Set up an access system- Having your workplace access-controlled can be very useful. It will only allow people who are working on the premise. You can install RFID access systems at the entrance, private offices, conference and meeting rooms. You can add access for anyone from anywhere and open the door if someone locks their key inside. Every time someone scans at a door, their scan gets logged in the access system software, so you have a real-time record of activity.

4. Have a rock-solid IT infrastructure- You must have a secure, business-class IT infrastructure so your clients have confidence so that they can always get their work done efficiently. The infrastructure must be transparent, and everything must be easy to operate so if your staff is not available to help the clients. Your infrastructure should include, a business-quality easy to use the printer, top-quality broadband, self-locking access doors during non-staffed hours, motion sensors on your lights so you don't waste energy and coffee and tea making machine which is easy to operate.

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