Is coworking Space the future of office spaces

Is coworking Space the future of office spaces

In the past few years, we have noticed a massive growth in Office Space requirement in India. It is because the coworking space is more accessible, flexible and an affordable space to opt for. The coworking space has grown rapidly in the recent years and due to which Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai has become a hub for the coworking space in India.

Coworking Space in India has a culture which is not defined by the rand, but it is defined by the people who work in the space. Coworking spaces in India celebrate the diversity. Another point here is that freelancers, have an option to modify their office space as per their requirement and this additional feature charms the crowd and stands out from the crowd. This raises the chances and the opportunity for them and their business to outperform.

Established business avail another benefits from coworking spaces. If in any case, they are expanding their business in other cities, with the help of coworking space they can start their business in no time. As they do not have to worry about the basic facilities like internet connectivity, pantry areas, meeting room areas, printer and top of that, they do not need to hire an administrator or admin department who can take care of their premises and icing on the cake is, they will get a professional reception support where guest can be assisted. There are many big companies which operate out of coworking spaces and have imbibed the culture. Till now everyone has a positive response on this concept.

Another aspect is the productivity. Coworking space organises multiple events where people collaborate and can exchange their ideas. This is how some people get the boost in their business.

  • Economical: It is extremely cost-savvy for any enterprise – established or non-established. In a shared office there are cheaper and flexible options. Coworking spaces also provide scalability as your employee expands.
  • Loaded with Resources: The coworking spaces have an ample amount of amenities to offer their clients. Apart from just providing an office, you get a vibrant community, networking activities, best in class infrastructure, security, modern technology and many more.
  • Culture: The culture here is not defined by the companies that share the place but by the individuals who work. People working here are from different mindsets, work culture, beliefs, intelligence and they come from big or small organization which in the end bring diversity to the workplace.
  • Flexibility: Shared spaces offer a great amount of accessibility and flexibility. Because now it exists in almost all big cities it has multiple hubs. Most of them offers discounts or even if they are not, they are comparatively cheap. Due to their presence worldwide, they have additionally become an amazing option for frequent travellers.

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