Open Office Layouts Knocking the Walls Down

Open Office Layouts Knocking the Walls Down

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Every company looks for right office interiors that can improve productivity of the employees. But, there are few companies which are taking this exercise quiet seriously and welcoming the new concept of Open Office Layouts. Many of the ad agencies across the world are promoting the open door policy, see why!

No Cubicle Structure

Unlike the traditional setup of offices, where managers and above get their well-designed cubicles, Open Office Layout provides same seating arrangements to all. Starting from the CEO of the company to the most junior employee, everyone shares the same space and work sitting next to each other. The BBDO India chairman and chief creative officer (CCO) Josy Paul said, “Great ideas are shaped by people and ideas become better if many minds work together.”

Effective Communication

The effective communication is the key to have a success, but it is difficult to manage at various levels of the company. But such an open environment allows people to communicate better with each other. Irrespective of their designations, employees can discuss things with their Managers and take necessary action in due course of time. Also, employees feel free in stressful routine and openly share the challenges without any hierarchical barriers.

Mr. Gupta, the managing partner and chief strategy officer of an agency, believes that the experiment has been a success, with greater bonding between people and better ideation. “We could instill a sense of pride in our people; give them a feeling of owning the place.”

Creativity and Original Thinking

The open office structure allows individuals to think creatively and place their original ideas on the table. This kind of setup provides constant energy flow and breaks the wall of monotony that builds in the meantime people sit in front of the computer and crunch numbers. Any job that requires a lot of brainstorming, open office setup is a perfect fit.

Lower Cost Involved

For any company, cost saving is the primary concern and open offices aren’t just helping in reducing the cost, but also enabling companies to integrate better.Why is open office layout inexpensive comparing to the cubicle one? The reason is because it requires less labor and resources to design the infrastructure. Moreover, research also show that open plan offices allows the use of energy in an effective way.

The open architectural design is not preferred by many big companies but there is no doubt that the companies who got inspired by this thought are any less in numbers. There are many other opinions that advocate open office layout and ensure that it has promising results too.

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