Benefits of Shared Office in South Delhi

  • Author: Sameera
  • 26 Oct 2021
Benefits of Shared Office in South Delhi

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South Delhi is one of the elite and posh localities of Delhi surrounded by other districts that include Faridabad and Gurgaon. The urbanization of South Delhi has led to the development of exquisite and high-end showrooms, restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, and elite hotels dotted around this district. And subsequently, led to the emergence of corporates and MNCs in the vicinity.  


The location, especially Saket, has now been recognized as the breeding hub for businesses of all kinds- thanks to the budding freelancers and startup community and shared office or coworking, not to forget.  


With the rise in the numbers of freelancers, the demand for shared offices has significantly increased, now enabling established businesses, corporate giants, and MNCs to opt for a shared office in South Delhi.  


When you choose coworking space in Saket, New Delhi, you will work alongside like-minded and high-class professionals under the same roof in the same environment. You would also be sharing the workspace, cafeteria, and other facilities in the respective office space.


Corporates are now looking for a shared office in South Delhi to enjoy the best of amenities that the area has to offer. The location boasts many corporate towers, sky-high buildings, and some of the popular upscale malls, including Select City Walk, MGF Megapolitan Mall, DLF Place Saket, DLF Courtyard, etc.  


Now the question is, 

Why should you choose coworking space in Saket, New Delhi, for your office space?

How shared office in South Delhi would help you attract clients and talented workforce?  


Here’s the bottom line.  


Whether you want to attract a client or a talented workforce, a location can significantly make or break your business. Remember that nobody would like to access an office space in a remote area, not the client or your employees.

The best thing about Saket is that the location is very well-connected via wide roads and metro (Saket metro station) in the vicinity. The New Delhi Railway Station is around 45 minutes' drive away from the region, while Indira Gandhi International Airport is a short drive away.


When you choose coworking space in Saket, New Delhi, both your clients and employees would like to enjoy a hassle-free commute experience.  


Also, there are many upscale restaurants, hotels, malls, food court, shopping complexes, multiplexes, banks, and ATMs, attracting talented millennials to work in such a happening place. Some of the popular food options include Subway, Cafe Coffee Day, Pollo Tropical, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Gopala Café, Misthaan Café, and many more. 


When such facilities surround your office space, more and more clients would like to meet and build a robust business relationship in the long run.


Since Saket has become a new corporate hub, many freelancers, tech giants, and MNCs have started choosing the location, and so the businesses looking for office space in Saket.  


With coworking space in Saket, New Delhi, you would likely get a prestigious business address that would ultimately add credibility to your business. This would certainly help you attract more clients while allowing you to save significant bucks.

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