Collaboration opportunities while working in a Coworking Space in Kolkata

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Sameera Reddy
Collaboration opportunities while working in a Coworking Space in Kolkata

 Coworking space in Kolkata


Collaboration is a broad concept. Collaboration at coworking space in Kolkata can be with the customers, both individual and business, as well as with their employees who work there.    


Let's cover them one by one.    

Collaboration with Customers.

Customers can be individuals & companies.    


Collaboration in terms of individual customers means that the coworking space in Kolkata provider has special offers/schemes to offer them, which suits the needs of different customers. Of course, this does not mean to cater to the needs of every individual customer, but by taking a survey, it can find commonalities and provide those services. Speaking in terms of collaborating with companies, it can go both ways i.e., coworking service provider allying with companies or companies allying with the coworking space provider.    


So, when a coworking space provider is allying, it can ask companies that such and such services (in terms of pricing, technology, etc.) they can provide if the company agrees to accept their services. Flexibility is crucial in this on both sides.    

If a company looks for such services, perhaps because it wants to set up a satellite office in some region or country without actually having to invest in that region/country in terms of a proper office, coworking spaces are a blessing for such cases.    


In such an alliance, the company can negotiate what its core needs are, and the coworking space and the company can form a collaboration. Now, if we talk about collaboration with employees, the company can allow them to use their space for their work. However, it does not strictly come under the ambit of cooperation as it comes under the general perks' provider by the employer to their employees.    


Aspect of collaboration can be in between the customers that the shared space has.    


These spaces are in popular demand with startups, aspiring entrepreneurs. They use shared office spaces as it is convenient for them as well as cost-effective.    


When there is a gathering of such people and their ideas, there might be a possibility that they collaborate because they might need each other because of the umpteen number of reasons.  


Hence, coworking spaces in Kolkata create a collaborative environment for everyone and help in achieving the goals of people and help in the greater good of society, maybe even the world. Hence I conclude by saying again that coworking spaces are a nifty idea, and such areas should be encouraged as they help usher new insights by making it easy for the startups to work, help the environment, help people, etc.


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