What are the amenities at coworking space in Central Delhi that customers look for?

What are the amenities at coworking space in Central Delhi that customers look for?

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Coworking space in Central Delhi 

 Coworking space in Central Delhi can be incredible for an independently employed, autonomous expert who wants to find a collaborative setting. Increasingly more collaborating spaces are springing up, so business visionaries and experts have more choices to look over when they are working outside of an office.

In any case, to stick out, numerous coworking spaces in central Delhi find that they need to give more an incentive to the clients to get them to hold returning.


Here are some additional services coworking spaces in central Delhi can offer:

  • Ergonomic Seating: As the members are going to spend most of their time sitting in chairs, it is necessary to ensure that the chairs are posture friendly or ergonomically sound.
  • Flexible Workspaces: They are also one of the biggest perks of coworking spaces. A Coworking space must have the flexible options of workspaces to meet the need of the clients.
  • Phone Booths/ Call Areas: Phone Booth or assigned call areas can provide a private space where members can have their private calls without disturbing them. 
  • Well-Equipped Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms can play an essential part in holding client meetings, presentations, events, and interviews. They could also be used for long Con-Calls. 
  • An Approachable Facility Manager: A facility manager holds coworking spaces together and cultivate a feeling of togetherness. They take care of member’s queries, plan key community events.
  • State-of-Art Office Equipment: Coworking spaces must have high-quality printers, scanners, and copiers.
  • A Functional Pantry/Eating Area: Every coworking space must offer complimentary beverages such as tea and coffee. They have become a necessity for people working for hours on laptops and desktops. It can become a selling point for coworking spaces. 
  • Mail Service: Providing the small businesses/startups a professional mailing address can lucratively benefit. 
  • Recreational Area: Having a recreational area in the coworking space premise can increase an individual's productivity. A recreational area can be stocked with amenities like nap rooms, gaming zones, etc. This will also help professionals to bond with their coworkers and hence creating harmony at the space.



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