How can you avoid getting sick at coworking space in Kolkata?

How can you avoid getting sick at coworking space in Kolkata?

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If a worker takes a lot of sick days, it is not suitable for a company's productivity. Some employees' illnesses can be very serious and unavoidable. In such cases, bed rest or hospitalization is advised by the doctors. But most of the sick leaves are utilized due to cold, flu, and fever, or even seasonal allergies.  

Professionals working at coworking spaces in Kolkata, Mumbai, or any other metro city can take some precautions to avoid getting sick.   


Wash your hands: Most coworking spaces in Kolkata are generally neat and clean; still, it is advisable to wash your hands after using the restroom or before eating meals. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is a healthy habit.


Nail Etiquette: These days, it is trendy to have fashionably long nails for women. Nails, however, can harbor a lot of these bacteria and viruses. It is also known that some people bite their nails when they are nervous or under pressure. By doing so, the individual transfers the germs to their mouth, causing them to get sick. That is why it is best to keep clean nails.  

Cleaning:  The cleaning staff at the coworking spaces in Kolkata should be thorough and efficient in cleaning tabletops and other surfaces. Apart from the housekeeping staff's cleaning, you can also assist by keeping your workstation free from clutter.   

Breaks: The employee needs to take sufficient breaks at the coworking space in Kolkata. When you work continuously, you can strain your eyes poring over the computer screen. Also, getting up and going to get some water and coffee stops you from being sedentary in one place. It is essential to incorporate some movement at the coworking space to keep healthy.  

Fresh Air: While the prevalent usage of central air conditioning, most employees keep breathing in the same circulated air. Employees at the workplace should be provided an environment that has an air purifier installed in it.  

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By adopting some of these techniques, the workspace employee can minimize the number of sick leaves they need to take. 

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