Can coworking space in Gurgaon survive this pandemic ?

Can coworking space in Gurgaon survive this pandemic ?

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Coworking Space in Gurgaon

  As coworking spaces across Gurgaon tentatively reopen their doors, it is an anxious time for operators. Coworking was one of the success stories of the past decade, but how will the market tariff will be in a post-Covid situation? The coronavirus pandemic triggered a social experiment in-home working on a scale never seen before and has broken down barriers of remote working. In these unprecedented situations companies like Twitter, Google and many more have offered their staff to work-from-home as a permanent option and has even forced major corporates to reevaluate the huge amount of money they spending on the real estate each year, and it is getting clear that the pandemic will be a driver for a major change in this segment also.


So, what does this mean for the coworking market, with its emphasis on shared office spaces, short, flexible lease terms, and community culture? Which operators will offer best deal in this challenging environment? Covid 19 has highlighted many questions in the industry like how it is viewed by the institutional, angle investors, landlords and by the customers. It is easy to be pessimistic and consider the next few months will be extremely difficult. But However, to resolve these issues a reassessment of how office spaces are used should be considered while keeping in mind to connect with the rejections of a coworking model. Like in these situations clients form corporates to startups will demand more flexibility, more agility, and more support from the space providers. Clients will no longer want to get tied into long-term leases, spending money on interiors, furniture, or paying a landlord renewal costs. For those operators that have the agility and ability to change and respond to the customers changing needs, will certainly have the opportunity. 


Though we all are operating in a challenging environment, but the coworking industry can respond to this challenge by various approach with operational expertise and experience being the key. Below are few of the points which will be essential to implement and they are somethings that the clients would not get with a traditional lease with coworking spaces.

  • Risk assessments.
  • Increased health and safety audits.
  • High levels of cleaning and sanitization regimes.
  • Engagement on general wellbeing.
  • Certifications of air quality.
  • Social distancing in common areas.

Making changes to coworking spaces in Gurgaon and going above and beyond the guidelines and standards set up by the government will be the major drivers to sustain this industry. Exceptional cleaning standards are going to be critical to continued business operations and assistance over social distancing will also be needed. The space providers will have to provide and convince the clients for delivering the finest and innovative methods for their health safety like:

  • Deployment of thermal screening devices at receptions.
  • Regular deep cleaning. 
  • Sneeze screens for reception areas. 
  • Desk screen dividers for workstations. 
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) for housekeeping staff.
  • Contactless systems throughout the center.
  • Social distancing marks in the areas having highest footfall. 
  • Biodegradable and single use items such as crockery, cutlery, glasses, and cups.
National Highway 8Golf Course ExtentionGolf Course RoadM G Road .Sushant Lok
Sohna RoadCyber CityUdyog ViharGood Earth City Centre Sec 50Sector 14
Nathupur Road, GurgaonDLF Phase 1, GurgaonM.G Road Metro StationSector 53, GurgaonEnkay Square
Sector 32, GurugramSector 50Sector 51, GurugramMaruti Industrial AreaSector 44, Gurugram
Sector 45Sector 39, GurugramSector 38GalleriaUnitech Cyber Park
Huda City Centre    

Coworking spaces in Gurgaon will emerge back successfully and stronger as the below mentioned three things which are offered by a coworking space will be exceptionally essential for clients and their business to bounce back:

Flexible leases offered by coworking spaces in GurgaonOnce the lockdown period ends, companies will give more emphasis on cost optimization. Especially if the recovery is slow and faltering, companies will most likely look for options that will allow them to easily exit if they are forced to send employees home once more. They will be seeking alternatives to traditional long-term office leases which will create a stronger market demand for flexibility in these circumstances coworking spaces and office spaces offering flexibility will emerge stronger and will be able to survive the impact of the pandemic.


Remote working employees must work from somewhere:  Most of the organizations have send their employees to work from home and many people are also now becoming comfortable with remote working and figuring out ways to make it efficient. But this does not mean that all those remote workers will work at home forever, after few months of lockdown and working from a home environment with distractions, not enough usable workspace, or reliable Internet access, it is assumed  that people will be willing to work from somewhere else. This will increase the demand of Shared workspaces which are nearer to a home location and may be the ideal solution for many in the future months which might help this industry of office space to revive. 


Community is essential for organizations to recover: Essentially the idea behind coworking spaces was that of a community, during this pandemic workers Entrepreneurs and  business owners, will need social networks and local connections more than ever to regain their footing, community strength will be essential in helping people reconnect, build new networks, and support each other. This need of community for businesses will help coworking spaces to recover and the demand for these community workspaces will become stronger. 


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