The secret to a happy and productive office space in India

The secret to a happy and productive office space in India

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The pursuit of happiness is something everyone is trying to achieve. We work to earn money which enables us to increase our standard of living. For most of us we work hard from Monday to Friday, so that we can enjoy the weekend. Similarly, some of us look forward to the holidays so that we can relax and enjoy some time with friends and family. But what if the time that we spend at work. Is it possible to be happy in the office space? Because most of our time is spent in the workplace. So how do you keep your employees happy?  


A happy workforce is a productive workforce; unfortunately, it is not easy to measure the happiness level of the employee in the office space in India. Having happy employees in the office space is not just about putting in the appropriate investment and getting returns as a result of it. It is more diaphanous than that. A happy workforce in any office space in India has more to do with individual factors such as personality of the employee, the level of perception, psychological stressors and emotional intelligence. All these factors influence us to the degree that we feel comfortable and consequently happy in a professional situation.   


Some actions can be implemented in an office space to aid in the happiness of the employee.  

Recognize their progress: It is essential to an employee in any office space in India that the employer recognizes the work that they are putting in. Acknowledgement and recognition for a job well done goes a long way to motivating the employee in the office space to work hard.   


Trust your employee: It is detrimental to the employees in the office space, if their bosses are continually hovering over them. When an employee does not trust the staff with the work and continuously micromanages, it leads to stress and unhappiness.  


Make employees part of the bigger picture: When the employer sets clear goals in the office space and informs the employee of what they are trying to achieve, it helps them to understand what they are working towards. Office spaces should have communication and trust. The employer should talk about the company’s future goals and take feedback. This goes a long way in making the employee feel valued and part of the family.  


Prioritize work/life balance: Though there may be many tips and tricks to keep the employee happy in the office space, the employee would be more comfortable if they can tend to their personal life as well. As important as work is in office spaces, the employers must respect the personal time of the employee. Bombarding the staff with emails, phone calls, and messages on their weekends, vacation time or even outside official work hours would be bound to make the employee unhappy.   


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