India is set to become the youngest country within the next 5 years. While every third person in India is a youth, the good news is that the youth is all geared up to make India the new arena for start-ups. New graduates from engineering and management schools look forward to start their own ventures and become entrepreneurs rather than taking up the conventional job route. This has led to the emergence of a number of new start-ups and businesses across various industrial verticals.The ScenarioThe statistics as per a latest survey by Mancer Consulting, an executive search firm show that the number of young entrepreneurs coming up with their own start-ups, instead of going for a... Read More

Working in a fun-filled workplace can do wonders to your productivity and happiness. But have you ever imagined why one office is wonderful while another lacks the wow-element?A great workplace is not about the brand of computers, the prestige of the building’s address. Here are six factors that can work together to allow business owners to create an organization that excites employees, resulting in the reputation of being a great workplace.Better to have a missionFor any company, hiring and retaining people while keeping them motivated enough doesn’t come handy. These companies have the choice of investing in policies or managing people via rules. Without a mission and a culture, a company has no identity and henc... Read More

A new possession brings with itself new excitement. If you are looking forward to a new office location, you must check the availability of some technologies in the premises so that you can run your business without hassles.You have to take care of everything from phone lines to final fitouts. It may sound tiring, but it will not be difficult if you go systematically and start with a plan. Here are some technological set ups that you must check while going for a new office location.Internet ServicesIt is impossible today to work without internet. Employees need internet to stay connected. Read More

Feng Shui for office space is an interesting concept. It is a Chinese philosophical system that harmonizes everyone with the surrounding environment and promotes equilibrium in one’s life. It is beneficial for the growth of business and health of employees. There are many studies that prove your surrounding needs to be in balance of Yin Yang and the Five Elements. Similarly, Vastu being an ancient Indian principle has a lot of credibility as vastu tips for office space help in enhancing financial luck as well. Here are few tips:Chi Energy for Increased ProductivityIt is important to bring good energy called Chi energy in your workplace or official settings. Chi energy helps people in coordinating better and builds relations with pee... Read More

Saving money in business is an important aspect of developing your business. The compulsion may haunt you, as it sometimes gets difficult to find ways to save money in business. But the magical part is, even simple ways can make huge differences. You don’t always have to look for great money saving ideas for your business. Here are some cases where minor changes could save the company huge amounts of money. You won’t believe, but some of them are so simple that you can start planning from today.Reduce it!A small change in the production of matchbox saved the company huge chunks of money. What they did is they made the striking area only on one side of the box instead of both. This did not affect the consumers at all, as the purpose wa... Read More

Whenever you plan to rent a coworking space in Mumbai or any other metro city, the sales representative will provide you with a lot of information on different options available. Most common of them all will be points like the location, quality of the business centre, proposed space, amenities, and the costs attached to it.After bringing you the 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Opting For Coworking Solutions, here we bring you nine things that you must do on own your own before renting a serviced office space for your business. After all, you will be spending a significant amount and your time in the office space. Read More

At the time of expansion, when your company wants to hire more staff and connect with more clients, it is obvious to think about the new office space. Choosing a business location for a new office space is quite challenging and requires a detailed market research. To learn the changing trends in commercial real estate, you first need to list what are the things to do before renting new office space. While making the list, you should also think how a new office space can add value to your business and create new opportunities. Following are few tips to follow while renting a new office space that you might help you.Types of Office SpaceAs per the market... Read More

In order to be more productive, apart from being focused, you need to have resources around you to that make you feel more efficient. We mean the way you arrange and decorate your workplace directly effects your productivity. Definitely there are many tips to make your office fun-filled and less stressed, but one of the these is to create a greener and friendlier office environment.Greener, The HappierStart with planting, in real! Occupying a spacious desk in a multi-storey building might be the only comforting factor for you in the office space, but it needs a personal touch too. Bring some small plants with mild fragrance and place it on your desk. Think about it, the pile of files and random papers will look less messy in shadow of the plant. Stu... Read More

Are you looking for new office space? How about a ready-to-use serviced office space, without a long lease term? Wouldn’t it be great! Serviced office solutions offer you just what you need.Many companies now prefer serviced offices instead of conventional office spaces because of the flexibility they offer with professional services. Whether it is a small business, MNCs, freelancers or solo traders, businesses of all type can benefit from serviced office solutions.The myths about business centres are... Read More

Have you ever been to a new restaurant and just came back, without trying the food just because you did like the ambience there? It is human nature to judge a book by its cover.The look and feel of any place, like your office, is important in order to create the desired first impression on your visitors. People tend to have a mind set about your business based on your office. Your office design must be appealing enough to hold them back. Be Yourself!The boring greys and blacks, intended to bring out the corporate... Read More

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